If working for some of the biggest companies in the world on demanding international tasks doesn't faze you and if you don't mind making yourself indispensable in a blink of an eye then why not drop us a few lines.

On the Forefront of the Wave since 2003

netcare, that's very good, often outstanding work, the question of whether Chris finally achieves the breakthrough with his metal band, a company pension with extra-funding, sundowns with a great view of the Swabian Alb, figuring out the sparkling water machine, more than 80 wonderful co-workers, a lot of space, and widely open doors,

time to take a breath,

customers like Mercedes-Benz, Conrad Electronics and Commerzbank, free therapeutic massages, an awful lot of expertise, working on a terrace, the main chance to make massive personal progress, four locations in Germany, not to mention the ones in Serbia and the US, a constantly smoking BBQ grill, and the understanding that, what we are and what we do, are about as close as you can get to being one and the same. In summary: a company, where one doesn't have to work, but wants to work. That really is the whole essence to life at netcare.

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Colleagues > 80
Fun 100 %
Temperature 31°C

3 x 5 Things not to miss at our Locations

Our offices are quite diverse, but we love them all. To give you a small impression of where it is that you will soon be carrying out IT solutions like no other, here are a few highly exclusive insights: