Now it’s my turn as:
„You forgot to name my job“-visionary full of exciting ideas and gifted with the ever burning desire and persistence to make things happen

Name your job

The job you have in mind is not in our listings? Then simply tell us what you want to do, make us believe you’re the perfect fit and you are part of the team.
Your tasks:
Of course this is up to you. Please bare in mind that currently we cannot offer you the following jobs:
  • Giving psychological support to the shark (we don’t have a shark)
  • Being our mascot (that’s already Helga and Helga’s job)
  • Fortune telling (we have a very talented crystal ball for that)
  • Nodding meaningfully (we got that covered big time)
  • Cueing for the new iPhone (we just order them online)
  • Driving the harvester (we scythe by hand)
  • Doing the dishes (as we got an electric dishwasher the career path from dishwasher to millionaire is unfortunately taken – but don’t worry, the option from coder to millionaire is still available)
  • Designing the netcare spaceship station (this is only planned for our 25th anniversary)
  • Managing a mongolian Folk-Metal-Band (you’d then be in competition with the swabian Speed-Metal-Band run by our support specialist und IT consultant Chris)
  • Taking care of the alibis (we just really suck at lying)
  • Welding under water (or you convince us it would be a good fit to our portfolio)
When? always
Crazy about IT? great
We offer you:
  • Working hours that also leave you time for marathon training, raising kids, or a very secret herbal tea lab
  • 30 or more days of vacation
  • An open, relaxed and at the same time constructive and goal-oriented corporate culture without oversized bureaucratic processes
  • Team events thought up with a lot of love, for example city trips in Europe, ski trips, running events, barbecue evenings, etc.
  • Our high willingness to invest in your further training
  • Attractive workplaces as well as break areas to feel good (also outdoors)
  • Our hybrid work model with a mix of office and remote work days and much more
Fun at work? yes
Team events? sure
Your skills
  • You know how, when and where you want to work with us and you think we should pay for it
  • You got the perfect idea how to revolutionize netcare, how to come up with world peace or how to manage something as exciting
  • You don’t want to kill time by killing time
  • You’re not allergic to the future
  • The impossible and you, you’re inseparable
  • You got your own contact person at the patent office
  • You think the quite famous German egg-laying, milk-bearing, wool-giving porkpig  better should pipe down a little
  • You’re first on a regular basis
  • You always seek for the unexpected
You’re just so good in what you do that there is no other way than to create a job especially for you.
  • You like cake
  • You’re so fast that everybody will be talking about netcare after the company run
  • You can live with being one of the legends having guided one of the offices in Germany to glory

How do I apply?

Conveniently online. Simply click on "Apply now" and follow the next steps. We are looking forward to it and are very excited about your application.

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Feel free to contact our Talent Team. Either by e-mail to or by phone at +49 7472 9677-370.