Major Clients,
top-tier Work
(with panoramic Views)

Three things are particularly important for us: That you fit with us professionally; fit with us personally; and that you like us as much as we like you. What is it that you are looking for? Let's talk about it. For example, for an informal talk at one of our locations. To give you a clue as to what you're letting yourself in for, here is some more information, impressions and pictures from the netcare world.


You: We do not make any difference between genders, disciplines, nationalities, religions or sexual orientation. We like rough and soft edges, the quiet and the loud, just those whose heart is thick and round out of pure IT love.

Your work routine: Huge range of tasks, no hyper-dimensional bureaucratic processes, a lot of personal responsibilities, in-service-trainings, the chance for personal growth, an open, relaxed and constructive atmosphere, a steady interchange, the very German beer after 4 pm, fancy team-building events, and working hours which still allow you to train for a marathon, bring up a child, or experiment on your secret pasta sauce.

Us: Needless to say, we are hard-working, after all our headquarter is in over-achieving province of Baden-Württemberg. That might be the reason we don't fear all those big tasks we meet for our pretty impressive clients. We like decisions and open doors, we endorse simplicity and we are straightforward, forthright and of course really, really good in doing what we do. When we're dancing on the tables, they nevertheless break into pieces quite consequently.

And what else?

We believe in inspiring surroundings. When you start your day at netcare we want you to feel that you're right where you need to be. We are rather not the norm-coring big bearded neo-postmodern Soho type of people (but love them too). In exchange, we will happily accept cake and a pleasant work atmosphere. We're no longer a start-up, but still have the obligatory pingpong table and, when you lose at table football (and you will!) you are obliged to crawl beneath the table.

We don't have an office dog, but a chewing gum machine and a bubbling coffee machine each morning being cleaned to perfection by our very own Tankred. We don't have a Yoga teacher but free massages. Oh and terraces with BBQ grills and a really nice view.

Massage? yeah
Vanishing Chocolate Cookies/Day? 55

And now for some impressions:

If you are a hobby ornithologist, you've got to work in Leinfelden. The bird people there already know, that netcare offers the very best tit dumplings in town and the beneficiaries cast their grateful shadows over our floodlighted premises on a regular basis.