Our hearts beat faster for carefully crafted IT. Carefully crafted is not enough though. In the time it has taken you to read this, the World might have totally reinvented itself. That's why we not only make sure that your websites, apps, and other software applications are up-to-speed today but also stay that way going forward.


Agile Transformation

Everything stays different in our blazing fast and digitalized world. That’s why we love getting things done through the agile approach. It enables organic project growth and a constant reaction to change. If you intend to transform your company culture to agile or scale your existing agile surrounding, we’re there for you. With fire, flame and great expertise.


Project Management

We want to make your IT life as easy as possible. That's why we're at your service at all points of your product's whole lifecycle. We consult, conceive and plan, assist with the realization, take care of the rollout, train users, and we totally have your back after Go-live, such as by organizing the support to any required level necessary.


Software Development

Reaching perfection is a sweet dream which rarely, if ever, occurs in real life, and what counts for wetware, is more true concerning software. At least we have our engineering department surfing on the first wave of IT zeitgeist. Day by day, they give their all to come as close to perfection as anyone could possibly imagine, for example when creating a dealer locator specifically for Mercedes-Benz retailers in Africa.


Quality Assurance

Ludwig van Beethoven wrote his Ninth Symphony 21 times before considering it as perfect. Of course this only puts a wry smile on our Quality Assurance staff's faces. Because what might be perfect today ain't necessarily be so tomorrow. That is why we customize each and every solution exactly to your specifications, with methods fresh from the here and now, and lots of passion.


Professional Services

Translated Professional Services means covering your back at every possible level. We're at your service to cover every dimension of your IT landscape. Even after a software has been implemented. We capably provide full support coverage, such as with our personal hotline, in-house training, custom surveys, content integration and in general by promoting the launch of new IT systems (we call it Project Marketing).