Professional Services

Our Lights are always switched on for you

Our support is a lot different than the conventional you're-on-hold-hotline. There is a fully-equipped, high-end, first-level help center waiting for you with – please don't let it go any further – second level skills. We get rid of 80 to 90 % of the problems right away. For everything else, we got you covered with next level institutions. We also help with project marketing, that's how we call the internal marketing for new software systems.

By the way: The earlier we get on board, the faster you'll get our high-end services and the lower are your costs due to inefficient processes, operating errors, and information disbalances. All disciplines are in constant exchange at netcare. So the whole background story and the complete history of your IT landscape is available to every person involved in the project any time. Result: fast and efficient solutions.

Support all the Way? yes
Project­ Marketing? too
ITIL? sure
In fine:

We have got your back throughout the entire software lifecycle and are there for you when it comes to timely solutions for acute problems. We orient ourselves by ITIL in a very pragmatic way.

In Detail


  • German, English, and on request more languages can be provided
  • Web-based ticketing
  • Automated reports, client access
  • Bug documentation and management
  • Conception and realization of communication measures
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  • Web-based training
  • On-site training
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Web Surveys and Project Marketing

  • Perfectly individualizable designs, e. g. to customer web style guide
  • Multilingual surveys
  • Easy and comfortable accessibility (graphical editing of the results, export via Excel or PDF, central login for all surveys)
  • Form features (for example saving and retroactive changing of answers)
  • Safety features (for example access protection via password or token)
  • Wide range of types of questions and conditions to be met

We communicate for example the advantages of new solutions by tailor-made HTML e-mails, present them in web meetings, gather moods and feedback and ensure the necessary approval.
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Content Management

  • Content maintanance
  • Content coordination
  • Coordination of translations
  • Initial content implementation and pre-configuration
  • Bug and demand tracking
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Web Reporting

  • Automated (manual on request)
  • Website analysis and optimization with Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics and Matomo (Piwik)
  • KPIs
  • Campaign evaluation