Project Management

The pro-active 360° Piece of Art

In Project Management, everything is needfully connected to everything else. To efficiently guide your projects towards success, we rely on experienced teams with personnel who between them have loads of international experience and problem-solving expertise. An outstanding and creative multi-disciplinary knowledge-pool meets a healthy hands-on mentality and the necessary eye for detail.

Our IPMA certified project managers do the planning, organization, and management. Proactively, on a solid foundation and with great love for simplicity. They serve as an interface between all divisions and service providers linked to your IT project, overseeing budget, milestones and time-schedules. With their hearts in the right place even if things get a little turbulent.

We define goals, set up release plans, delegate tasks, and decide upon tools and methods. Based upon all of this, we take rein of the respective experts, the professional specifications, the technical construction, the testing, the implementation, the quality assurance, and the line operation. The agile way as well as the classic one.

We use Jira, Confluence, cPlace, Bugzilla, and are au-fait with web-conferencing tools. As every project is different, together with you we customize methods and measures to match the individual needs of your company, your surroundings, and your project.

Internatio­nal Experience? lots
IPMA certified? yes
Passion? sure
in fine:

Our project managers will help you to keep the overview while never losing sight of all the little details. They will plan, organize, and manage your IT projects, coordinate all stakeholders, and ensure strict compliance with time schedule and costs. This way you get high-performance digital solutions quickly while being able to concentrate on other important tasks.

In Detail

Consultancy and Concept Creation

  • High level/rough concept
  • Fine concept
  • User stories/use cases
  • Consultancy workshops
  • Process visualization, analysis, and optimization
  • Migration
In Detail

Project Management Overview

  • Project planning and time scheduling
  • Requirement engineering (definition and formulation of requirements)
  • Definition of work packages (responsibilities, to-dos etc.)
  • Stakeholder communication and management
  • Being the interface to all stakeholders
  • Workshops
  • Web conferences
  • Status reporting
  • Project documentation
  • Risk analysis
  • Shop floor management and jour fixe
  • Lessons learned (collection, evaluation, compressing of project experiences, developments, hints, errors, and risks)
In Detail

International Rollouts

  • Websites, portals, smartphone apps, web applications
  • Preparation of market implementation plans
  • Automated rollouts
  • Technical check of rollout suitability
  • Legal and economic feasibility check
  • Communication
  • Coordination
  • User and rollout management
  • Quality assurance
  • Kick-offs
  • Redirects
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Hand-over in line
  • Bug and demand tracking