Quality Assurance

Better early than never

We better admit it right away: When it comes to software testing we're first class nitpickers. That is because even tiny mistakes can lead to high downtime and correctional costs. A well thought-out and independent testing reduces that risk to a minimum.

We are testing during the evolution of a new software as well as during the implementation of new features. When it comes to regression testing, we check if the rest of the software still works after the programming of a new feature. We offer the entire range of testing approaches and use load and performance tests to make sure your software also works safe and sound during peak periods. We focus on automated testing and get back to manual testing when necessary.

The trend is towards frequent and early testing to spot mistakes as early as possible and make the whole development process more efficient and cost-effective.

By the way: As testing runs in our co-workers blood, you'll also get razor sharp answers to which energy drink is the best, which frozen-pizza is the tastiest or which VR-experience is the most exciting. After all there is still a little cliché.

Regression Tests? sure
Load and Performance Tests? yes
Test Automation? yes
in fine:

We think of, plan and execute quality assurance for software and infrastructure performance. Made-to-measure as a package of testing management and testing execution. This saves you costs and nerves and leaves you with software exactly as you want it.

In Detail

General Testing Portfolio

  • Code review
  • Specification review
  • Creation and review of test cases
  • Test execution and coordination
  • Test and error documentation
  • Bug tracking and post-testing
  • Detailed test reporting
  • Software acceptance
  • Postprocessing of testings to prepare follow-up releases
In Detail

Test Management

  • Workforce planning
  • Planning of work tools
  • Infrastructure planning
In Detail

Automated Testing and Test Engineering

Our developers constantly work on new testing methods. Mostly we use automated testing methods such as keyword-driven testing. This way you're getting a testing platform perfectly tailored to your needs allowing your co-workers to use it without programming skills.

  • Fast
  • Arbitrarily repeatable
  • Can be run 24/7
  • Tests all browser versions
  • Conserves human resources and avoids errors due to lack of concentration

  • Regression tests to minimize effort and smoke tests to check testing abilities
  • Story tests even at specification level up to test driven development
  • Technical tests of XMLs, web-services, PDFs and many more

  • Requirement-oriented analysis for automated tests
  • Integration into existing test environments and testing teams
  • Use of standard software or development of individual software solutions for special requirements
  • Automated reports as well as time- and task-controlled test execution
  • Hosting and support of testing hardware
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Manual Testing

With a lot of instinct and creativity our testers check your IT landscape on the basis of user stories (for example:"Please configure a garden tractor in pink metallic with yellow leather seats"). The user stories can either be provided by yourself or will be by our staff.
In Detail

Infrastructure and Performance Tests

  • Performance tests
  • Disaster recovery tests